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      Shenzhen Kaitai Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, production and sales. The plant area is more than 16,000 square meters. The company‘s leading products: reflow soldering, wave soldering, automatic plug-in machine, automatic dispensing Machines, coating machines and other SMT supporting peripheral equipment.
      After diligent management, excellent innovation, attention to detail and talent cultivation, Kaitai has more than 300 people, including more than 30 core R&D technical teams, management staff: more than 40 people, quality, after-sales service and employees: 200 Many people, the company has more than 40 sets of advanced large-scale automatic molding equipment. Every equipment we produce has undergone rigorous technical inspection and quality inspection. In 2014, the company obtained the qualification of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, which enabled the equipment produced by Kaitai to be obtained. The recognition of internationally renowned brand customers and Qinglai.
      The company‘s business philosophy: people-oriented, integrity management, create a good corporate culture and core values, adhere to the technical innovation, the satisfaction of the Heiner River and beyond the expectations of customers. Kaitai has set up several technical support service departments in major cities in China to ensure efficient and fast service for customers. In the future, multiple service departments will be established in other countries. To ensure that every device we export has customers get fast technical support.
      Company blueprint: Constantly innovate, carry forward the past and carry forward, cultivate the company‘s talents with high starting point and high requirements of pragmatic spirit, and develop Kaitai into a world-renowned enterprise.
      At present, our products are spread all over the country and have won a good reputation in the industry. The company has a perfect after-sales service system, a strong after-sales service team, and has service points in major cities across the country. In 2012, the equipment exhibition hall was established in Zhejiang. In 2013, the Suzhou branch was successfully established, providing customers with high-quality and convenient. service.
      Kaitai is a young company and a sunrise company. Under the correct market positioning, Kaitai adheres to the business philosophy of “Technology, Honesty and Basis”, which enables us to become a long obstacle in the process of pursuing rationalization and modernization of high-tech, and continue to move forward steadily!

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